How We Do It

Fiber Laser

Bellamet UK ltd uses the high performance ‘Bysprint’ – Fiber Laser from Bysotronic, which is an extremely fast and efficient machine for cutting and profiling sheet metal.

The laser beam is created by the laser source, conducted by a fiber optic cable to the machine cutting head where a lens focuses it at very high power into a very small diameter. This focused laser beam melts the sheet metal in a very precise area. The head of the laser moves very accurately to create the profile you require.

Fiber lasers are the most efficient way of laser cutting and is suited to processing sheet metals of varying thickness including steel and non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and brass. Our Laser is also coupled to a ByTrans loading system that allows us to process high volumes of material very efficiently.

Whether you require large, medium or small batch quantities, our laser cutting technology along with our experienced engineers, enable us to provide high quality products.

C.N.C. Punch

CNC Turret Punching is a way of creating different basic shapes in sheet metal such as circles, squares and rectangles. It is a cost effective way of cutting sheet metal in moderate to long runs and it can also produce two dimensional shapes including cutouts.

Our LVD Strippet C.N.C. punching machine is programmed to move a sheet of metal and then punch holes in the position required. It has the capacity to select up to 16 separate tools and gives Bellamet the option to perforate parts or to manufacture parts with forms in them, such as louvres.

The correct punch shape and size is selected at the turret and the machine creates the punch to produce the required hole. For alternative shapes such as oblong, rounded rectangles, or other non round or square openings. Several punches may be needed to produce the required opening in the metal.

Examples of the types of items that would require this could be metal brackets, metal panels and tools. CNC turret punching is commonly applied to mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, steel and brass.

C.N.C. Folding

Bellamet UK’s has a range of Bystonic folding machines that offer varying capacities and efficiencies.

Folding is a procedure for forming a flat, sheet metal workpiece.

The workpiece lies on a bottom tool with a v-shaped opening. A wedge-shaped tool (punch) presses the workpiece into the v-opening and thus bends it to the desired angle.

The process is consistently very accurate and our machines are designed to be able to work efficiently folding one part or a thousand.

Weld / Fabrication

Our highly experienced Welding department uses some of the most up to date technology available.
Bellamet uses TIG, MIG and Spotwelding to join your product.
Welding is the process of joining metals by heating the parts in a very local area.


We are proud to use Heager hydraulic bushing machines, which offer fast and reliable inserting of bushes and studs in both stainless and mild steel.
They use great force to press tapped bushes or threaded studs into the sheet steel.

Assembly / Build

Our dedicated assembly team compliments our manufacturing capabilities.
We have experience in various assembly tasks and are keen to discuss how we could provide this service to help your business.

Paint / Powdercoat

Our automated Powder coating plant allows us to process your parts from start to finish in an efficient and productive way with no additional handing required.

Powder coating is applied as a dry powder and baked onto the material.

Our state of the art paint line provides a fantastic high quality coating to your parts, offering not only an aesthetic finish, but also excellent corrosion protection.

Tube & Pipe Bending

Bellamet UK ltd offers a high quality CNC Tube Bending and CNC Tube Manipulation service. Equipped with the latest machine and up to date technology we are able to offer great accuracy and higher repeatability on all bent components.

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